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DAY 1:

It is officially Day 1 of our water fast. We will be chronicling our journey, struggles, and benefits with you guys. Feel free to comment below on your journey as well.

So far there have been frequent thoughts of food. I grabbed a banana on the way to the car without thinking, but quickly remembered that I am on a fast. In order to not be tempted, I tossed out the banana! I feel terrible to have wasted a perfectly, ripe banana, but it's all about hitting your goals. Has anyone else had the "talk" with their over-protective significant other? [They] just doesn't understand. Who else gets food babies after a meal? Perhaps you lack the proper enzyme to break down those carbs that come along with those cheat meals. I'll tell you from experience, if your weakness is sugar you WILL go through withdrawals similar to a recovering drug addict that is going through rehab. After all, sugar is one molecule away from cocaine and 8x more addictive! My very first fast, I tossed and turned all night and found myself scrolling on yelp looking through menus of nearby food places and organizing my next meals! Ironically, I craved something nutritious rather than sugar. I was looking up vegan meals, lentil soup, and anything with vivid color arrangements. I also found myself talking to God more. I turned it into a spiritual fast and forced myself to follow through. I mean we can lie to people and ourselves all day, but often times our conscience will not allow us to break promises with God. Here are some tips to get you through day 1. We will see you tomorrow! Good luck!

5 Tips to stay on track:

-watch youtube videos about water fasts

-remember it takes your body 48 hours to enter into ketosis, don't eat just out of habit

-think about those movies where people have been trapped on islands, mountains, the ocean, etc. and have had NO CHOICE but to go without

-think about kicking those abnormal health issues that never go away: hives, anxiety, lack of energy

-consider this as the push you need to jump start your system into a health lifestyle 5

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