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COVID-19 Spurs 2020 Virtual Era

Millennial culture is amazing! Were you at that party last night!? It was at Club Quarantine! DJ D Nice did a 9 hour set on Instagram live and over 100,000 were in attendance! The fire martials couldn’t shut us down if they tried!!! Of course, we were there in VIP with the rest of the elites 😉 Girl, even Pres. Barack and Michelle Obama showed up! It was legendary!

Yesterday made History. We watched the numbers rise as all of America tuned in to the virtual party. It’s official. Americans are out here getting “drunk and buff” as we endure what seems to be a forced hiatus. We’ve quickly seen every industry embark on a virtual transformation. What is referred to as a “post a tag” challenge had a lot of us doing 20 push ups and shot challenges all day. Of course we were taking shots of Nutraburst (check out our Detox products). How does it work? One person tags 10 of their friends via their Instagram account and challenges them to complete and record (proof). Once the challenge is accepted one must then repost and tag 10 others. These post and tag challenges went viral, pun intended, but not nearly as viral as this party. Girl, even Joe Biden was invited. Many in attendance recorded in their private section. Retired NFL player, Antonio Cromartie, and wife took shots every time the DJ changed his hat. After many shots in they were asking who let the kids out of day care lol!

We’re inviting you to the Day Party today! Nutraburst shots are on us! After that home workout make sure to get dressed for the living room. Party starts at 2PM via Instagram Live. See you there!

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